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Problem? The solution may be on the wall! Send us photos. Fine Art trade and Fine Art conservation. Paparigopoulou 12 and Lomvardou street Gyzi. Vassilis Athanasiadis and partners. Documentation and successful sales. tel. 210 3810013 mobile. 6981810019 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Art History team of e-museum athanasiadis

The Art History team of e-museum athanasiadis will present in the nearest future a partial, long-term study that addresses, examines, analyzes and delineates the influences of the major Schools of International Painting and Sculpture on the leading Greek creators, highlighting the potential of communicating vessels and the transmissibility in Art additionally and sometimes points out copying in a good sense. Photo source: National Gallery of Canada

Apart from other activities

Apart from other activities, we would like to inform you that we undertake mediation contacts with all auction houses in Greece and abroad ,as well as the investigation of the evaluation of items to be sold or put on an auction and the management of their promotion. Contacts: 210 3810013 - 6981810019 - 6977222274 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Valuation For Works Of Art

At e-museum athanasiadis we are working hard to appraise, date, authenticate and evaluate works of modern Greek painting, especially from the 30s generation artists, as well as works from nowadays artists, in consultation with them. Vassilis Athanasiadis (founder of the e-museum athanasiadis, art restorer, having decades of experience in applied art),surrounded by well-known art historians and judicial experts with precise, thorough and meticulous research, undertakes the above mentioned tasks with the appropriate methods (technical studies, archival research, comparisons etc.), always accompanied by the required documents.  More details will be released soon as well as the starting date of the above activity.

Athanasiadis Archive

Athanasiadis Archive, will soon be at the disposal of e -museum-athanasiadis visitors - users, which will provide individual information for each one of his exhibits, or each one of the photographic archived works of art, which owns with great effort.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We wish you health and creation e-museum-athanasiadis will be with you in 2017 with new spaces, more art and history.

For New Artists

Send us photos in JPEG file type, of a work or a unity of works that haven’t been exposed elsewhere physically or electronically. They will pass through a minimum check and if they meet quality and aesthetic limits that we have set here at e-museum will be posted for display with timeline priority so that you will have the opportunity to present your personal work absolutely free.

Your full name an e-mail, telephone number and a brief biography is required.

We are waiting for you!

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All exhibits in the e-museum athanasiadis are real and are available for study in any academic history of theoretical or applied art, request it.