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Hall Spyrou Vassiliou

  1. «The land of birds» tempera on cardboard 30.5x72.5cm 1960
  2. «Athenian summer night dream» model costumes for the play, egg tempera on wood 19.6x60.2cm 1981

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  1. «Ash Monday» tempera on paper 30x40cm
  2. «Ash Monday» tempera on paper 22x22.5cm
  3. «Carnival» ink on paper 25x34.5cm

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  1. «Mykonos» model project, acrylic and collage 23x39cm
  2. «Lime instead of gold» acrylic and collage with gold and sand 30x39cm

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  1. «Cafe» tempera on paper 11x17.5cm
  2. «Fish» tempera on cardboard 12x16cm
  3. «Date» tempera on cardboard 11x17.5cm

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  1. «Porch» acrylic on wood 20x20cm
  2. «Good evening Elliott» acrylic on wood 19.5x60cm

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  1. «The shelter» woodcut 18x21cm 1941
  2. «Freedom» woodcut 21.4x24.7cm 1943-44
  3. «The freedom» woodcut 15x34.8cm 1942
  4. «The children» woodcut 18.8x23cm 1947
  5. «Gaita or kountoulas» woodcut 3.8x11.6cm
  6. «Death of Karaiskakis» woodcut 12.4x13.4cm 1942
  7. «Carnival» woodcut 8x13.2cm 1943
  8. «Cousin» woodcut 7.6x12.6cm 1943

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  1. «Ship» tempera on paper 29.8x38.5cm 1966. Part of a unity painted the same season
  2. «Figures on the seashore» watercolor 18x26cm
  3. «Seabed» tempera on paper 16.5x23.5cm
  4. «Figures and faces» tempera on paper 21.5x30.5cm
  5. «Delfi Athens Olympia» tempera on paper 17x24cm
  6. «Meeting» tempera on cardboard 12x16.5cm
  7. «Boat» tempera on cardboard 12x16.5cm

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