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Works of Greek & Foreign Artists

  1. Υannis Vakirtzis «Sailor» oil on hardboard 50x70cm
  2. Υannis Vakirtzis «Figures» oil on hardboard 24x30cm
  3. Alekos Fassianos «Naked figures» colored pencils on paper 21x21cm
  4. George Stathopoulos «Full Moon» tempera on cardboard 35x40cm

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  1. Yannis Tsarouchis «Sailor» oil pastel on paper prepared with oil 20x29.5cm
  2. Nikos Economides «Tools» oil on canvas 40x55cm
  3. Ioannis Koutsouris «Kites» tempera on paper 27.5x41.5cm

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  1. Theodoros Pantaleon mixed technique 21x34cm
  2. Sotiris Sorogas «Tiles» mixed media on canvas 40x70cm
  3. Yannis Tsarouchis pastel on paper 29x42cm 1987

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  1. Valery Rostovsky «Nafplio» watercolor 35x46.5cm 1994
  2. Periklis Eleftheriou «Seascape» oil on canvas 60x120cm
  3. Konstantinos Parthenis «Terpsichore» colored pencils and tempera on paper 20x31cm

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  1. Ioannis Vranos «Portrait» pastel on canson 50x70cm
  2. Theodoros Pantaleon «Girl» watercolor 30x40cm
  3. George Gounaropoulos «Nude» charcoal on paper 47x65cm

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  1. Vladimiros «Seated figures» acrylic on cardboard 60x80cm
  2. George Stathopoulos «Girl over the city» acrylic on cardboard 33x44cm
  3. Theodoros Pantaleon «Face and landscape» oil on canvas 40x60cm

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